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What the Residents are Saying…

…it was the best thing we did for dad. Alan moved to Riverside Gardens retirement village in May 2014 and said he should have move here 20 years ago.  He loved the community spirit, attending the sausage sizzles, boys club, snooker days and special occasions..” 


Moving into Riverside Gardens has been the first step in the next phase of my life. I am very happy here, always feeling safe and secure. 

I have watched each stage of our community rise from the paddock and I have greeted every new resident on arrival, because I like to make them feel welcome.

There is always something going on in our community centre and we are always thinking of new activities. There is no need to feel isolated or lonely, friends and relatives are always welcome. I keep in touch with my friends and we catch up often.   

Riverside Gardens offers a great opportunity to downsize to a small community with the emphasis being on security and safety. No need to change light globes or clean gutters ever again with an efficient team of maintenance and tradespeople available.” 

Diana Bevington

Diana has always been actively involved in co-ordinating social events in and out of the village. She has served on the Residents Committee and been the village Social Co-ordinator.

“I feel fortunate to reside in Riverside Gardens because there is so much on offer. Good companionship, regular events; every day something of interest if you want to join in.

I attend the painting group here and I am running a Reading for Relaxation group every fortnight for those who love books and topical subjects”.

Elaine is a published author and has inspired members of the group to submit articles for publication in writing magazines. So far 3 of them have been published.

Elaine Staples

Elaine is a published author. Her story 'Weightless' has been selected in the top 100 to feature in the published book Senior Stories Volume 5, with the book launch held at Parliament House NSW.

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